Certification of Documents

For those people making their own applications to the Department of Home affairs (“DHA”):


DHA requires that all documents attached to your application are witnessed or certified by a qualified person including a Solicitor, Notary or Justice of the Peace.

We offer this service in accordance with DHA’s requirements.

We charge as follows for this service:

(a) in accordance with the fees published by the Attorney-General’s Department for affidavits in the Uniform Civil Procedure Rules (the “UCPR Fee”);

(b) comparable to the UCPR Fee for certification of documents;

(c) as at August 2008, the UCPR Fee for “attesting a document” was AUD $4.00 for each single-page document;

(d) disbursement fees for photocopying, printing or similar (if applicable); and

(e) we also provide services (charged at an agreed hourly rate) for more complex requirements not covered by the UCPR Fee, including to advise you on your visa options or generally answer any questions.

Please contact our office for further information or email us at linda@australianmigrationlaw.com.au